Eggless Vanilla Cake

Everybody loves cakes. Now a day, cakes are not only tasty but our beloved bakers have found different ways to decorate it too. Fondant, cream cakes, buttercream frosting and what not. But I still remember the plain cakes which I used to eat straight away from my mom’s kitchen. Plain, simple yet delicious.

If you are fan of plain cake too, I have got a just a perfect recipe for you. Simple plain cake, a hot cup of tea, favorite book and beautiful rains. The best combination ever. So, let’s start baking.

First here is the list of ingredients:

  1. Oil: 50 grams
  2. Butter: 45 grams
  3. Milk: 250 grams (Room temperature)
  4. Vinegar: 2 tsp
  5. Condensed milk: 250 grams
  6. Vanilla essence: 2 tsp
  7. Plain flour: 200 grams
  8. Baking soda: ½ tsp
  9. Baking powder: 2 tsp
  10. Powdered sugar: 40 grams (As I do not like too sweet cake, I don’t add it. I find the sweetness obtained by condensed milk is enough)

I have deliberately given all measurements in grams (even for liquid ingredients).

It is very easy to make this cake.

As I promised you all, this time I have managed to take photos of each step.

Step 1

Take Butter and Oil in a ball. Mix it together until well combined. You can make use of electric beater but it’s not compulsory. I used wire whisk.

Step 2

Add condensed milk. and mix it for at least 4-5 minutes with wire whisk. If you want to add powdered sugar for additional sweetness, you can add it in this step.

Step 3

Add Vinegar and vanilla essence into the milk and keep it aside. Also sift your dry ingredients together (Flour + Baking Powder + baking Soda).

Step 4

Now mix dry ingredients and milk mixture into your Oil, butter and condensed milk mixture into 3 batches. Do not over mix.

Step 5

Take a cake tin and line it with butter.

Step 6

Now put the cake batter in the tin. Tap the tin twice.

Step 7

Bake on 165 degrees for 30 minutes (I use convection mode for baking). If you are using regular over, bake it for 170 degrees for 35-40 minutes.

My final product was this:

Isn’t it amazing?

I will be posting another plain cake recipe in coming days. Till then Keep BAKING!

Blueberry Cake

Let’s have something sweet!!

Few days ago, me and my husband celebrated out third wedding anniversary. For the first two anniversaries, we went to holiday. So, I couldn’t bake the cake myself. But this time, due to work priorities, we decided to celebrate it at home itself.

Every year, as time passes, relationship becomes stronger. I remembered our wedding day. It was so beautiful, getting married with your dearest friends and family, really is a blessing. Ours was a love cum arranged marriage. We met, dated each other for 2 years and then got married. Every marriage is a combination of two souls, they may or may not be perfect individually but marriage make them perfect for each other.

Like I am dreamy, he is practical. I am more into books, poems and he is more into adventures sports. I am a typical Pisces and he is typical Libra. But when it comes to cakes, chocolate is our all-time favorite. But this time, I wanted to make something different. So I decided to make Blueberry Cake with Cream cheese frosting.

So to make this cake, we need make vanilla base and blueberry frosting.

Ingredients for base cake are:

  1. Curd: 1 Cup
  2. Flour: 1 ½ Cup
  3. Powdered sugar: ¾ Cup
  4. Baking Powder: 1 teaspoon
  5. Baking Soda: ½ teaspoon
  6. Vanilla essence or vanilla extract
  7. Cooking Oil: ½ Cup (You can use any cooking oil which does not have a strong smell)

Mix these ingredients which hand mixer or wired whisk. Normally I take all the dry and wet ingredients together and mix them. But as we are using curd here, Mix Curd and Powdered sugar first with the whisk. Then add Cooking Oil and Vanilla extract or essence. Mix flour, baking powder and baking soda (Sift these dry ingredients). Fold dry ingredients mixture into wet ingredients gently and you are good to go.

Mixture should be of dropping consistency. If you find mixture is too dry add 1 or 2 tablespoon milk into it. Once done, bake your cake at 170 degrees in the preheated Oven for about 30 minutes.

For Frosting:

  1. Cream cheese: 200 grams (Should be at room temperature)
  2. Whipping cream: 320 grams (Should be kept in refrigerator only)
  3. Blueberry Crush
  4. Sugar Syrup (Dissolve 3 tablespoon Sugar into 1 Cup hot water and then cool it)

You can make frosting only using whipping cream as well. But I like little sourness of cream cheese. Normally, non-dairy whipping cream is easily available in market. So you can use any one of that. In dairy base whipping cream, fat content is lot higher. So it’s better to go for non-dairy whipping cream. I used ‘Fiona’ whipping cream in which sugar is already present.

Beat whipping cream with electric beater. Once Soft peaks are created add cream cheese and beat it again. Do not overbeat the mixture.

Cut your base cake in three layers. Put first layer or rotating stand and pour sugar syrup on it. After layering it with sugar syrup add handful of blueberry crush. After that layer it with cream cheese and whipping cream frosting. Then put second layer and repeat the process. Once all layers are done, apply Crum coat and keep cake in refrigerator to set for 30 minutes.

 Take the cake out of the fridge and apply more frosting. Use palette knife for this.  You can decorate your cake with real blueberries if available or with piping. I had pink and blue color available at home. So with Russian nozzles and piping bag, I decorated my cake. My final product was something like this :

While making this cake, I made it in rush and could not take step by step pictures. From next time onward, I will definitely try to take more pictures with each step. Thanks for reading my blog and please contact me for any suggestions or feedback. See you soon.

I will be posting an exciting recipe soon because LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO EAT BORING FOOD! Till then Bye!!