Journey Begins…

Hello Everybody,

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am Pallavi . Being a typical Maharashtrian girl, I always hear my mother saying a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. So, whatever you do in life, learn to cook. She was far from the feminist world we live in right now. She was a fantastic cook, not only she used to cook delicious food but even if few ingredients are unavailable for some reason, she used to make it perfectly. Whenever my mother was not around, my father was in charge of the kitchen. To everyone’s surprise, he was a great cook too. Me and him used to perform our little experiments in kitchen. Different kind of Dal, Khichadi’s, Over and undercook roti’s and what not. Every girl starts her kitchen journey under observation of her mother, my case was little different. From those till today my fascination towards food started. After completing my schooling, I lived in different cities. So it was necessary for me to cook myself. From Masala Maggie to Upma, from half fried batata wadas to kothimbeer vadi, me and my roommates performed all kinds of cooking rituals. Then after completing my engineering and I joined a IT industry where daily I used to carry my self-cooked lunch box and after a while I got married. Me and my husband bonded over the passion of food.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

And then my official food express started. He loves to try new dishes and I love to feed him. Cooking is not only the skill but it is a culture. So this blog is dedicated for the food culture. This is quite a journey you and I are going to have. From making dishes to trying one, from dhabas to elite restaurants, from history of the dish to food science, we are going to explore everything.

See you soon with a new post with a fab photo which will make your diet to break and heart to dance !!

Photo by Jesus Kiteque on Unsplash

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